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Edit Insert Gadget (version 1.01)

How to Install[edit | edit source]

This script is a Gadget. You can install this script by going to Special:Preferences, going to the "Gadgets" tab, and checking the box labeled Whiteknight's Book Creator.

Once you save your javascript, you may need to clear your cache, typically by pressing + , or some other key combination, depending on your browser.

IE7 IE6 FF2 FF3 Safari Chrome Opera9
Works Broken Works Works Works Not Tested Not Tested
Browser Test Codes
Broken: The script does not work in this browser.
Partial: Some (but not all) features of the script work in this browser. Problems may be minor and will probably be listed.
Works: The script works as expected in this browser, and no obvious bugs or errors are present.
Not Tested: I have not tested this script on this browser. It might work, it might not. If you test it, let me know the results.
Browsers not listed here have not been tested or are known not to work

About This Gadget[edit | edit source]

This gadget allows you the editor, in some situations, to create special "insert" links using regular wikitext. Insert links are only used on edit pages. Clicking an insert link will cause text to automatically be inserted into the edit window. This helps for situations where many pages need to be created for a single book/project, and standard sets of boilder-plate code need to be inserted.

To use this gadget, you must have a way to be able to load wikitext to an edit screen. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Use the &editintro= URL argument, to specify a page to be loaded above an edit window.
  2. Use the editintro= argument to an <code><inputbox></code>.
  3. Use javascript to load these links on an edit page

None of these tasks are particularly easy. If you have a project and would like to use Edit Insert links to help make common tasks easier, ask Whiteknight for help.

To Do[edit | edit source]


Version History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.01 Fixed to prevent jumping on link press.
  • 1.00 First stable version