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About Me

My name is Whitney Chambers, I am currently a senior with enough credits to graduate but decided to get my teaching licensure while I am here at Old Dominion University. I love my sorority passionately, skee wee! I am the Vice President of my chapter and my duties take up most of my time. My major is Studio Arts, when I graduate, I will have a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) with a concentration in Graphic Design with a Teachers Licensure. I hope to teach elementary art once I graduate. I love working with children and I am passionate about making each child I teach art experience memorable and fun. I work with children afterschool and love each moment of it.

Philosophy of Education

I think education is the key to success and opens the door for endless opportunities and possibilities. Teaching should be fun and each teacher needs to be creative and explore all possibilities to ensure each student can reach his or her fullest potential. Each teacher should inspire to be the teacher that all the students can say, “That was the greatest teacher I have ever had and I really learned a lot.”