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New Essays on the Origins of Language

Table of contents

Introduction: New perspectives on an old academic question Jurgen Trabant 1

Biological aspects of the question

On the subcortical bases of the evolution of language Philip Lieberman 21 Origin of the human language faculty: the language amoeba hypothesis Eors Szathmary 41

The first language

The apparent paradox of language evolution: can Universal Grammar be explained by adaptive selection? Manfred Bierwisch 55 Elementary forms of linguistic organisation Wolfgang Klein 81 From potential to realisation: an episode in the origin of language Bernard Comrie 103 Protothought had no logical names James R. Hurford 119 The birth of rules Jean Aitchison 133 How language changed the genes: toward an explicit account of the evolution of language Daniel Dor and Eva Jablonka 149

Beyond biolinguistics

The narration "instinct": signalling behaviour, communication, and the selective value of storytelling Volker Heeschen 179 Taxonomic controversies in the twentieth century Merritt Ruhlen 197 The origin of origins: a play in five acts, with a prologue im Himmel and an epilogue auf der Erde Henri Meschonnic 215

References 229 Index 257