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Art Movements

Abstract Expressionism Academic Art The American Scene Art Deco Art Nouveau The Arts & Crafts Movement The Ashcan School The Barbizon School Baroque Art Bauhaus Byzantine Art Camden Town Group Classicism Contemporary Realism Cubism Dada Der Blaue Reiter Die Brücke Die Neue Sachlichkeit Expressionism Fauvism Fantasy Art Futurism Golden Age of Illustration Gothic Art The Group Of Seven The Harlem Renaissance History Painting The Hudson River School Impressionism Magic Realism Mannerism Minimalism Les Nabis Neoclassicism Neo-Plasticism Op Art Orientalism Photorealism Pointillism Pop Art Post-Impressionism Precisionism The Pre-Raphaelites Realism Regionalism The Renaissance

   Early Renaissance
   High Renaissance
   Northern Renaissance

The Rococo Style Romanticism The Sensation Show Social Realism Surrealism Symbolism Ukiyo-e Printmaking Western Art Wildlife Art