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More than eight years ago, a simple question changed my life : “what would you do if you were not afraid?” (Who Moved My Cheese, Dr. Spencer Johnson). After pondering this question, the simple answer enlightened me; to be the best mother and role model to my son by not only providing him with the possibilities, which would help him realize his dreams; but by also being the example of that dream. I immediately commenced the pursuit of a college education at Norfolk State University (NSU), earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biology; graduating Cum Laude with the accolades of Golden Key (Academic) Honor Society, and Beta Kappa Chi (Science) Honor Society. During my matriculation at NSU, I had the honor and privilege of working with and assistanting Dr. A. Okonkow, Dr. M. Alexander, and Dr. D. Majimbar, my appreciation for education deepened as I realized the impact an educator can have on a student’s life – this created another epiphany in my life and for the past five years, I have been a teacher with the Newport News Public School System; three of which were spent at the Newport News Juvenile Detention Center, where I am currently employed as the Lead High School Science Teacher. My passion to assist at-risk youth has led me to become an intensive in-home counselor, providing individual (youth) and family support through various community resources.

I spent most of my life in Virginia; however, I have traveled extensively in and out of the country. When not engaged in professional pursuits, I spend my leisure time with my son; and thoroughly enjoys cooking, reading, watching the Home & Garden Channel, and supporting Breast Cancer awareness. My philosophy of education is 'education is a life-long, on-going process.'