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Hello everyone! My name is Tonya Pervall-Harvey. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000 with a BS in Science. I taught eight grade physical science for Richmond Public Schools and then physical science and eight grade math for Caroline County Public Schools. Currently I'm working on my masters in Elementary Ed PreK-6. This course is a requirement for my degree and my goal is to learn about the foundations of the American public school system. I love teaching and my goal to provide students with knowledge and skills to keep them competitive with the rest of the world. So I hope this course prepares me to do just that. I live in Highland Springs, VA and I enjoy outdoor activities and decorating banquets. I believe that all students, in the absence of certain severe neurological disabilities, have the ability to learn. Inclusion in the classroom is effective if the special needs students being included have the same educational levels of knowledge/skills as the students within that class and only require modifications to accommodate their disability. I am against inclusion if the students being included are functioning below the grade level in which they are being included.