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Most of my wiki-work contributes to the Swedish Wikipedia, where I maintain the same user name as here; Tommy Kronkvist. Swedish is my mothertongue – even though I was born and went to school for one year in Jakobstad, Finland – but I feel fairly comfortable speaking and writing English (and some German) as well. Odd as it may seem, I can't speak any Finnish. Sad, but true… :-)

My family name consists of two parts: "Kron" – a short form of the Swedish word "krona" meaning 'crown', as in coronation crown or tree crown – and "kvist", meaning 'bough' or 'twig'. Hence the name Kronkvist refers to a twig in the canopy of a forest, closest to the sun. I'm the fourth generation of Kronkvist's. Before that our family name used to be Mattus – living in Oravais, Finland, while still speaking Swedish – dating back from late 1637. Today I live in Uppsala, the fourth biggest city in Sweden.

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