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An aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, "a cidade maravilhosa"

See the Getting Started notes before you begin the course; it will give you an overview of how you'll be learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Chapter 1 - Greetings and Introductions, Gender, Estar

Chapter 2 - Professions, Gender Variants of a Noun, Adjectives, Ser

Chapter 3 - Animals, Plurals of Nouns, Numbers, Ter

Chapter 4 - Classroom Objects, Plurals of Adjectives, Irregular Plural Nouns, Ir

Chapter 5 - Places, Application of All Previous Topics, Locational Contractions

Chapter 6 - Shopping, -er verbs, Demonstrative Pronouns, Direct Object Pronouns

Chapter 7 - Sports, -ar verbs, Adverbs, Indefinite Pronouns (todos, cada, alguns)

Chapter 8 - Schedules -ir verbs, Using the Present to Express the Future

Chapter 9 - Giving and Asking for Directions, Personal Imperative, Locational Adverbs

Chapter 10 - Fruits and Vegetables, Colors, Indirect Object Pronouns, Irregular Imperatives