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My name is Tericka and I am from Martinsville,VA. I am a proud single mother of a four year old and his name is Jasiyah. I am very family centered so we spend a lot of time together in the afternoons after school. I love to learn and to help to others learn and understand new material. I have my Associate's in Arts and Science with a major in Science that I received from Patrick Henry Community College in May 2008. I have a strong passion for math and science and so of course they are my two favorite subjects. I am now attending ODU via the PHCC campus to obtain my Bachelor's in IDS:PreK-6 and I also plan to go the year after that to get my Master's in the same field. I also love reading mystery suspense type books.


In my opinion, education is more than just learning state required material. I believe that for one to truly become education they must first develop the love of learning. I feel like the best way to develop a love for learning is to understand how to apply everything you are learning to your daily life. Of course not all things will actually be things you can use in everyday life but as children learn I feel they should be encouraged to apply their lessons to everyday life. Such as when learning about different seasons actually having an ongoing project that will be impacted by the changes in climate. I believe one of the best ways to learn is by a hands on approach and I believe when we work together in groups we gain better understandings. I believe the best teachers are the one's who are willing to go beyond what is required.