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Hello Everyone,

My name is Travis Batts, and I'm a transferre student from York College of Pennsylvania. I came to ODU looking for something different and it seemed like a good school to attend. So I decided to pack my bags and head south. Although this campus is much larger than York, the people here are by far nicer, and the campus itself has a much better enviroment... Anyways, other than that I love to wrestle, I did wrestle for York College, but decided not to persue wrestling anymore due to recent injuries. Basically I like sports in general, and one of my favorite sports is basketball actually. Thats right, even though I'm only 5'6 and can't play, I still love to watch the game, haha...

Teaching Philosophy

I really feel that when considering teaching in todays society, technology integration plays a key roll. What I mean by that is, teachers are finding ways to implement their lesson plans through powerpoints and such. This helps grabs the students attention, and also makes teaching a little easier as well. Also in my opinion that old way of just having a teacher just stand in the front of the class, writing on a chalk board and just blabbing away, is becoming a thing of the past. More group based activities, helping children interact with each other, brings attention to the material that is being taught, as well makes the learning experience more enjoyable.

When I teach, I want to incorporate a fun learning enviroment with a heavy dose of group based activities. Students should interact with each other, and enjoy their surroundings. I like to keep things simple, make learning fun and not just a place to take a nap. Basically learning can be an enjoyable experience, but it relies heavily on how the intstructor implements his or her own ideas.