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Table of Contents[edit]

Unit I Energy and Society

Chapter 1 Physics, You, and Society

Unit II Energy in the Environment

Chapter 2 Light and Sight

Chapter 3 Reflection and Mirrors

Chapter 4 Lenses and Vision

Chapter 5 Radiation Around Us

Chapter 6 Reactors and Nuclear Energy

Unit III Energy in the Home

Chapter 7 Electric Circuits

Chapter 8 The Benefits and Dangers of Electrical Energy

Unit IV Energy and the Economy

Chapter 9 The Magnet and Current Connection

Chapter 10 Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Unit V Energy and Transportation

Chapter 11 Going Places

Chapter 12 What Causes Motion

Chapter 13 Conservation of Energy

Chapter 14 Floating and Flying

Unit VI Energy and Information and Communication Technologies

Chapter 15 Sound in Communication

Chapter 16 Wireless Communication

Chapter 17 Electronics