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For Econ 452 students[edit]

TLDR: There's a lot of guidance to be found on how to edit Wikibooks, how to behave, and so forth. I will link to some of that guidance, and it can be very useful. It's not strictly required reading for the class, however. The pages I write here for class are required reading.

Please start by reading my getting started suggestions.

Once you've gone through that, read suggestions for continuing to edit.

Here's some tips on citations.

Lecture notes[edit]

Here I'll be posting very rough versions of my lecture notes. You should not expect these to be useful enough for studying--there are other resources for that. However, by posting these here I make them accessible for use under Wikibooks-appropriate licenses. That means anything posted here, you can copy and modify for inclusion in a Wikibook.

There will be some aspects of my lecture notes which I don't include here. For some things, that will be deliberate and I won't post them here. For other things, that will just be me avoiding unnecessary effort. Particularly, I am not including graphs here. If there are graphs you feel are needed, there's a good chance you can re-create those graphs yourself without worrying about licensing. If you are concerned about a particular graph, ask me about it and I'll either let you know you're safe to re-create it yourself, or if necessary I can upload a version of the graph to Wikimedia Commons, and you will be able to use it from there.

Remember there is another standard as well, which is academic integrity. If you copy material from here (or from any other source which you can legitimately copy from based on the licensing) make sure you credit your source.