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About my self [edit]

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Geburtstag: 08.08.1988
Wohnort: Beuna near Merseburg/Saale
Beruf: Student of a grammar school specializing in (electro-)technology
  • karate (yellow-Obi at Shorai-Do-Kempo)
  • music (classic, middle age, mystikpop, indi)
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Tips for Beginner[edit]

  • Be brave, if something is wrong or the lay-out is totally rubbish, somebody will see it. It would be discussed and if never helps reverted.
  • Questions? The Admins and I like it to help! Ask us before something become false.
  • It is useful to make a text document with the most important and most used formations. if

you make a side with 100 chemical formula then can you save much time.

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