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Richard Suchenwirth (legal name: Richard Georg Hermann Suchenwirth-Bauersachs geb. Suchenwirth), German software developer, working at Siemens L&A PA, Constance. Contact: richard.suchenwirth-bauersachs at siemens dot com, or suchenwi at aol dot com.

For many years I have written pages about the Tcl programming language in the Tclers' Wiki , and more than once I have been asked to make a book from them. I never managed, until I found WikiBooks. Maybe here it will come to life - and be free for all, as the original pages were, but better structured and less cluttered by crosstalk :)

Wikipedia, and I assume WikiBooks too, has a clearer separation between presentation and discussion, than our Tclers' Wiki has. But I'll continue to write there, whenever I have something interesting to report - and later see to integrate useful content into Programming:Tcl.