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About Me[edit]

My name is Sarah. I'm from Texas, but have lived in Chesapeake for about five years. I like to write and paint. I dance and sing constantly. I like music more than anything, especially punk, ska, reggae, rockabilly...anything really. I have two siblings, a sister who is 17, and a brother who is 12. I worked at Greenbrier Family YMCA for three years, and really enjoyed having fun and interacting with the kids (this experience helped me decide on teaching). I currently work at Abuelo's, a Mexican chain restaurant by Greenbrier Mall. I have a lot of fun there, because my coworkers are all friends of mine.

Philosophy of Education[edit]

I believe every child should have a chance. At the YMCA, we had policies that brought many children from poorer families into our programs, and it was astonishing how many children were unused to someone taking an interest in them. I remember friends of mine when I was in elementary school being treated poorly by different teachers for being a certain race, or ADD- these things bothered me even then, and stayed with me. I want to create a classroom that's equal, encouraging, and interactive. I believe in having a lot of fun but still working hard, and I hope that I will be able to achieve that kind of atmosphere.