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About Me:

My name is Sharonda Nicholas and I am currently a sophomore at Old Dominion University majoring in history with a minor in education. I am originally from Philadelphia PA but moved to Richmond VA when I was nine years old to the same home my parents still live in to this day.

I have been told that I am a very positive person with a smile that can light up any room. My favorite colors are black and yellow and for that I earned the nickname Bumble Bee. I like to read, shop, party with my best friends on the weekends and most of all I love to drive my little green jelly bean, which is my five speed 99’ ford escort. On the other hand there are sometime when I just love to curl up on the couch with my special someone and just watch a good movie.

I have always had pride in knowing that I have a passion for helping others. I want to become a history teacher at the high school level because I know firsthand that many students find history to be one of the most boring subjects. Therefore, it is my goal to help those students view history in a different way. I plan on integrating more technology into the class room in order to catch their attention and show them that history can come alive right before their own eyes.

My Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy is simply connection. This is because once you have a connection with your students you can shape their open minds and teach them all that you can. Connections are friendships and friends will always listen to one another. Therefore, I not only plan to teach my students to the best of my abilities but show them that with our connection I am also here to listen and not judge.