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Perl 6 Programming[edit]

Self Study[edit]

Perl 6 Programming
Perl 6 Programming/Introduction
Perl 6 Programming/Perl History
Perl 6 Programming/Implementations
Perl 6 Basics
Perl 6 Programming/Variables and Data
Perl 6 Programming/Types and Context
Perl 6 Programming/Basic Operations
Perl 6 Programming/Control Structures
Perl 6 Programming/Subroutines
Perl 6 Programming/Blocks and Closures
Perl 6 Programming/Classes And Attributes
Perl 6 Programming/Comments and POD
Rules and Grammars
Perl 6 Programming/Regular Expressions
Perl 6 Programming/Grammars
Perl 6 Programming/Operator Overloading
Perl 6 Programming/Language Extensions
Data Types and Operators
Perl 6 Programming/Junctions
Perl 6 Programming/Lazy Lists and Feeds
Perl 6 Programming/Meta Operators
Blocks and Subroutines
Perl 6 Programming/Roles and Inheritance
Perl 6 Programming/Advanced Subroutines
Perl 6 Programming/Exceptions and Handlers
Perl 6 Programming/Property Blocks