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Sean B. Miriashtiani[edit]

My name is Sean Miriashtiani, I am a senior music education major at Old Dominion University. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Music has always been a part of my life, from listening to Beatles, Yess and Eric Clapton LP's with my mom; to studying the viola and playing gigs in the community. The friends that I have made at Old Dominion have grown into a surrogate family for me, and they mean the world to me. My music education at Old Dominion has opened several doors for me and made me realize that I need to pursue a masters degree in music performance.

Educational Philosophy[edit]

I believe that every child has the ability to learn. The world is rapidly changing through technology, but music should never be cast aside. As a music educator, I believe that every child is born with some natural musical ability. Music education is the only way to hone that natural ability into musical skill. Music education is more than just teaching through performance, though it is a cornerstone. Music education should also include instruction in theory, history, and constant ear training to further hone a student's natural ability.