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Hi friends, I am Shubhan Telang, now a Wikipedia editor, want to share some information about myself. I am a music lover and have a great love for Indian Classical music. I am learning the Tabla and the Harmonium from the past 10 year and have cleared many exams for the same with good marks. I made this account as a Wikipedia editor during the issue of the Global pandemic Coronavirus.

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My Aim[edit]

My aim in Wikipedia as an editor is just to add more information to pages related to Hindustani classical music. Also to make Wikipedia pages related to terms and different concepts in Classical music. When I wasn't an editor, I used to see some pages in Wikipedia which have incorrect information or which didn't have a page for that particular concept of Classical music. Once I logged in as a Wikipedia editor, I got all opportunities to repair and create pages related to Classical music. And so I am going to take this opportunity of mine to the fullest. If anybody has any doubt while reading any page related to classical music then you're welcome to ask questions on my Talk page or also on the 'leave a talk page message' box at the top of this page. I will surely try to answer your question and if I am unable to do so I will search an answer for your brilliant question related to Classical music. If you know some more information about a topic related to classical music then you to and add in it to give the fullest of correct information to the viewers. If you think I have made some mistake in any page please correct it so that others may get correct information. And inform me so that I too get the correct information for that particular concept as I am not an expert at all. I got all the information which I have through my Gurus of Tabla and Harmonium. Guys please support in my aim of spreading Hindustani classical music. Lets join all together in a mission of spread Hindustani classical music.

Wikipedia:Mission spreading Hindustani classical music

To know information about classical music and to get related pages edited by me, see below. Thank you.

Information about Wikipedia[edit]

Talking about Wikipedia, Wikipedia is a multilingual online encyclopedia created and maintained as an open collaboration project by a community of volunteer editors, using a wiki-based editing system. It is the largest and most popular general reference work on the World Wide Web. It helps anyone at any subject. At one click of your button it gives a whole lot of information to you. Editing here is very easy. You just need to Login and you then became a Wikipedia editor. You can edit a Wikipedia page by just clicking at the edit symbol and then selecting the option of 'editing without login'. So Wikipedia wants every one to contribute to its page. This is a true example of sharing knowledge at a worldwide level. Previously when I wasn't an editor, I used to use Wikipedia alot for projects. It's not just me but everyone uses Wikipedia for information. It was a true surprise to me that some 4 years ago there was no connection of me and Wikipedia but now I too am an editor. For encouragement of number of edits done by editors, Wikipedia gives awards to editors for the same. You know, making an account as an editor in Wikipedia means that you are ready to share your knowledge with everyone.

About Me[edit]

The meaning of my name, Shubhan is lord Ganapati. My name is a very rare one. It is a name from one of the 108 names of lord Ganapati. My name is Shubhan (शुभन), some people call it Shubham, but making it clear that my name is .....