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Samantha Herring[edit]

My name is Samantha and I'm 20 years old (soon to be 21!!). I grew up in Yorktown, Virginia where I graduated from Tabb High School, class of '06. As a commuter, I currently live in Newport News with my fiancé, Jim♥, my dog, Missy, and my cat, Mister. This semester is going to be super busy as I serve as the Vice President of Member Development for the Virginia Delta Chapter of ΠΒΦ and plan my wedding for July of 09. Not only am I excited to get married, but also to graduate and start my career as an Elementary teacher.


Obviously it was not the salary that has drawn me to teaching. I have adored children since I can remember and have chosen this path because I feel as though I have the ability to make a remarkable impact on children. Nothing is more satisfying then knowing that I will be positively molding children who when one day serve as important people in our society. A great selling point to this career, for me, is having a summer vacation. In the future I plan on having a large family (4 or more kids♥), and being able to have similar hours to their schedules and being able to take family vacations is very important to me.