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Hi, I'm a one of those people who took a while to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. I'm married to a wonderful guy who happens to be in the Navy, so I've had the chance to live a lot of neat places. I've got two awesome boys, Will, the oldest graduated from James Madison this past May and is leaving in February to go to Namibia with the Peace Corp for two years. He'll be home April, 2011. Hopefully in time to see me graduate! My other son, Mike, is a junior in high school and a wrestler and an honors student.

I love to cook, wish I had more time for it, and on days that I'm bored I bake, I've been told that my banana bread is awesome. I also speak semi-fluent Italian. Since we got to live in Gaeta, Italy for 18 months I picked some up then and now I'm in my fourth semester, hey-I needed a foreign language.

I'm majoring in history, the plan is to eventually teach high school. I've seen first hand the difference that a good teacher can make at this age and high school kids are fun.

I want to have a class where kids can express their opinions without anyone making fun of them and where they can challenge ideas and learn to think. A good teacher is one that bring the most boring subject matter to life and make it intersting. So often history is taught as dates and names, there was more to it than that. These were living people with thoughts and ideas who shaped where our country is today. A teacher that genuinely cares about the students will take the time to challenge them, one who is there for the paycheck won't take the time to know the students as individuals and doesn't care is they learn or not.