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About Me I am originally from New York City, but my family wanted a change and decided to move to Virginia when I was about six years old. Basically, I consider myself a Virginian. This is my second year at Old Dominion University, and I can honestly say that I enjoy attending this school. I plan to attend this school for SEVEN years to pursue my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education...LOL!! Hopefully, I continue to stay focused to make the best out of my college experience.

My Philosophy I feel that in order to become a successful teacher there has to be a specific connection between the students and the teacher. I want my students to feel the sincerity of my desire to help them aquire as much knowledge as possible. In order to do so, I will consider duties outside of the classroom because not everyone learns the same way. I feel that not enough teachers take the time out to try different methods for their students to truly master the information given. With time and real dedication, I know that I can accomplish my goal to make sure every student of mine gains confidence in their educational career.