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Hello! I would like to wish the best of success to all of the future and current educators out there. I know we can learn a lot from one another. Good luck!

About myself:

• English major – teaching secondary education

• Associates’ Degree in Sociology from TCC

• Sociology is what led me to decide to teach; and teach at the secondary level.

• I am about to begin my new job as a substitute teacher.

• My family consists of my husband James, our cat Marley, and our dogs Mischa (a Bichon Frise), and Buddy (an Eski-poo.)

• I am teaching myself to play piano; I inherited a 1964 Starck up-right which I love!

• James (my husband) and I like to go for motorcycle rides.

• I love to cook and have our family and friends over to eat.

Marley our cat.jpg Buddy and Mischa.jpg Buddy (1).jpg JamesSarah.jpg

Teaching philosophy

Sociology has had a major influence on my life. Diverse teaching methods, along with an open mind and heart, are important in the classroom. High school students (should) already know how to read and write. My responsibility as an English teacher is to use literature to prepare them for life after high school. Some will go to college, some will go to work, some will do nothing, and some are already parents and we’re damn lucky that they are still attending school. Which ever path they chose, they are our future. I truly believe that educating today’s youth is the only way to improve society.

The first step in working with people is to have a positive attitude. It will radiate towards the students and be returned to you. This always works in any setting, just some cases are better than others. As a teacher, I must be able to read the dynamic of each class so I can apply the appropriate methods and skills to teach the lesson. I am eager to learn different techniques, approaches and styles of teaching.