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  1. Select the job you want to investigate and a group of workers
  2. Take contact to the union to get them involved in the research and help from them
  3. Take contact with 5-10 of the workers and get the permission to make interviews with them in a group or one by one
  4. Search the litterature on health and risk factors in the specific job and write a short review of the results
  5. Define the precise objetives with the themes you want to investigate
  6. Describe the method you want to use , the cualtitative, interview method - in a "light version" not for publication in a scientific journal
  7. Develop the interview scheme based on the most relevant issues in the litterature review
  8. Perform the interviews in the group or/and in the group with the interview scheme
  9. Add the results from the interview to the report and continue to edit the report throughout the whole process - like a short scientific article
  10. Prepare a preliminary report with power point of youer research results
  11. Invite the union, the workers, present your results and discuss a strategy for action research
  12. Take contact to newspaper journalists to make their articles in collaboration
  13. Make a plan for visits to one or more of the same type of workplaces,
  14. Perform the visits and describe some selcted work processes (interviews, photos, videos, measurements of noise etc)
  15. Evidence: Search for articles on health and harzardous risks and occupational diseases to be added to the report
  16. Discuss a prevention plan based on the oidentified health risks with the workers, the safety committees, the unions and the employers
  17. Follow the implementation of the prevention plan
  18. Evaluate the effect with prospective observations and interviews
  19. Make recommendations for future prevention activities
  20. Finalise the 1000-2000 words article - systematised like a scientific article but not for a journal (IMRAD)

Dissemination of the research[edit | edit source]

  1. Prepare the Wiki page in English or Spanish with fotos, tables etc. (without author names)
  2. Contact eventually newspapers(/radio/tv - that may be interested to create a section on occupational health in their newspaper (Saturdays ..)