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Scientific communication: writing effective journal articles[edit]

Aim of module : a) To get enhanced motivation and skills required to write academic papers b) To organize and prioritize the contents of a manuscript according to the journal's requirements and guidance c) To prepare texts in clear , interesting and scientific English, aimed at the target group d) To understand the importance of dialogue with other stakeholders, including co-authors and others who contribute to the text editors e ) To develop a poster presentation in scientific format. Contents: Discussion of : a) Different types of scientific texts and their purpose b) Stages in the preparation of journal articles : the content and layout of text with supporting tables and figures, reference types , choice of journal submission and publication process c) Good Publication Practice: ethics incl. authorship, copyright, conflicts of interest d) Writing scientific text in English; differences between Spanish and English grammar and sentence forms; UK Vs . U.S. English e) The effective poster presentation. Form: a) Sessions of …. hours (including writing exercises + discussion) b) Homework assignment in the form of continuing development of an English-language script for a selected journal c) Written feedback on the individual manuscript concerning, design, language, grammar and presentation d) Critical review of each other's text