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1 Introduction[edit]

  1. Editing the Handbook
  2. Definition of occupational medicine
  3. Occupational history

2 Diagnostic Guidelines[edit]

  1. Musculoskeletal
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. forearm diseases
  4. Low back pain
  5. Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  6. Respiratory diseases
  7. Diseases of the circulatory system
  8. Diseases of the nervous System
  9. Diseases of the ear
  10. Advice to pregnant women
  11. Poisoning
  12. Skin diseases
  13. Diseases of the eye
  14. Indoor climate
  15. Mental stress
  16. Infectious diseases
  17. Cancer

3 Notification of occupational diseases[edit]

  1. Statistics of reported occupational diseases
  2. The legal background
  3. Notification by the OM clinics in Panama
  4. Notification by the orthopedic physicians
  5. Notification by the dermatologists
  6. Notification of occupational diseases in general practice

4 Notification of occupational accidents[edit]

  1. Statistics of reported occupational accidents
  2. The legal background

5 Occupational medicine in General Practice[edit]

  1. Diagnostic Guidelines for general practice
  2. Diagnosis ICD-10
  3. Snakebites, diagnostics, treatment and prevention
  4. Pesticide poisoning, diagnostics, treatment and prevention
  5. Chronic Renal Diseases of Unknown origine to be reported as OD?
  6. Encuesta sobre enfermedades relacionadas con el trabajo

6 Psychiatric occupational medicine[edit]

7 Company occupational medicine[edit]

  1. Medical service in a large bank company

8 OM specialist Centres[edit]

  1. OM clinics functions
  2. OMspecialist education

12 Description of the workers job and the health risks[edit]

  1. Example: Pineapple harvest workers

13 Contribute to the photo documentation of workproceses[edit]