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Developing a researchable question is one of the tasks a researcher encounters when initiating a research project. Both, unanswered issues in current clinical practice or when experiences dictate alternative therapies may provoke an investigator to formulate a clinical research question. The PICO method is widely used for clinical research questions (population, intervention, control, and outcomes) criteria in framing a research question. A researchable question is an uncertainty about a problem that can be challenged, examined, and analyzed to provide useful information.[1] A successful research project depends upon how well an investigator formulates the research question based on the problems faced in day-to-day research activities and clinical practice. The underlying questions of a research project provide important information to decide whether the topic is relevant, researchable, and significant. A well-formulated research question needs extreme specificity and preciseness which guides the implementation of the project keeping in mind the identification of variables and population of interest.

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