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This page has some instructions about using the version of DPL that is available on Wikibooks.

for an example of how DPL works, see Category:Weed profiles and Category:Garden plants (both of which are subcategories of Category:A Wikimanual of Gardening), and you wanted to have a new page that lists all plants that are often weeds, but sometimes grown in gardens.

The DPL code for this is as follows:

category=Weed profiles
category=Garden plants

Which yields:

There are no pages matching this query.

(open the edit window for this page and you'll see the trick)

Pointers, discoveries[edit | edit source]

  1. If a page is linked from a DPL page, the DPL page will not appear on the "what links here" special page.
  2. "order" doesn't seem to work, at least for subpages

Questions[edit | edit source]

  1. How to make a list appear so that only the subpages are listed, rather than the mainpage?
    1. Similarly, how can the alphabetical sorting be switched so that it runs off the subpage?
    2. Can the list be configured to appear in italics or boldface?
  2. How to make lists that include pages in Category:X or Category:Y" (or better yet in any one of 10 or more categories, etc.)

Workarounds[edit | edit source]