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As any quick search will reveal, my real name is Brandon Cooper. I'm here because I had been working on a project and I wanted to make it accessible to anyone. I'm a strong believer in open content, especially when it comes to political ideas, which is why I wrote Elements of Political Communication. Though I am involved in partisan politics in the United States, I make a deliberate effort to maintain a neutral point of view, which is especially important given the nature of the subject. I am also the primary author of Coaching Youth Middle Distance Runners, which I wrote to help bridge the gap between researchers and coaches. I am also interested in another project, Texas History, but there's not much there right now. Any ideas?

Where I'm coming from[edit | edit source]

  • BA in Radio, Television, and Film.
    • Started in a program for an MA in Media Studies, but left after a semester.
      • Switched to an MS program in Kinesiology, but left after a year.
        • Working as a social studies teacher in Texas.
          • Former political director of a county party in Texas.
            • Worked on a number of local campaigns with some successes.
              • Ran cross country and track & field in high school and college.
                • Cross country and track & field coach for the last few years.
                  • Contact me by leaving a note on my talk page or by emailing me. Email hint: It's my username at