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This is a spot to help with the development of various tools that can help make Wikibooks a better place.

For now, see also w:Wikipedia:Tools for some ideas, but there are some other projects that should be strongly considered.

Proposed Projects[edit]

Wikibooks:Top active replacement[edit]

This is a useful page that was even listed on the Main Page until it was no longer maintained. As can be seen the last update was on March, 2005 (over a year ago).

Wikibooks:Card Catalog Office tools[edit]

This is a generation of cataloging pages under multiple schema that can be automatically generated as new books are added.

List of contributors[edit]

Trying to identify all of the contributors to a whole Wikibook is currently a very tedious process of scanning the edit histories of all of the modules. A very useful tool to conform to the requirements of the GFDL for republication would be to automate this process, perhaps with edit counts of all of the users on all of the pages in a Wikibook, or even scanning page histories to see what the quantity of added text is for each user, to determine how significant of a contributor each user has been. Culling blocked users from this list (i.e. vandalism) might also be a feature.

General Wikibooks stats[edit]

Ranking Wikibooks by size, number of pages, number of contributors, number of edits, and other criteria might be useful in terms of what is a significant Wikibook and what might be useful to include in the Hot Picks list on the main page. Some people are just stat junkies as well, so they might just have some fun with this sort of information.