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The materials used in a collage decide much upon its outcome.


Possible materials for collages are:

  • Printed things, such as
    • newspaper cutouts
    • postcards
    • photographs
    • pieces of other artworks
    • printed tissue
    • pieces of other artworks
    • ornamental paper
  • Art supplies, like
    • colored paper
    • hand-made paper
    • papers of different grains, textures, weights
  • Found/Household items, for example
    • yarn
    • cloth
    • packaging
    • tin
    • CDs
  • Natural items, although somewhat less typical:
    • wood
    • pressed leaves and flowers
    • sand
    • wool
    • rocks

Acquisition thereof[edit]

Start collecting anything collage-able you like that comes into your hands. Skim mail advertisements for usable material. You can also order catalogs from home furnishers, garden stores, etc., which most companies offer for free.