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I am keeping an eye on Wikibooks English

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Hi. Have a seat. This page is a lounge.

Would you like a cup o coffee?

There is more about me in my user page in Wikiversidade (portuguese). I am a tutor on two courses there: Introduction to Beekeeping, and, Introduction to Artistic Practices. I also contribute in Wikipedia English, and Portuguese.


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Feel free to consult our lawyers.

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Bitten Newcomer Club - Cry Lab

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Remember always:[edit]

We all thank you, for the time spent improving Wikibooks pages, discussions, and atmosphere.


The Clown Technique

check the How to do nothing book

Dutch / Nederlands

My main goal in English Wikibooks is to learn Dutch. As I learn from zero, meanwhile I will try to collaborate with two projects: the Dutch language wikibook, and to Introduction to the Dutch language, in Wikiversity.

If a Dutch speaker wants to learn Portuguese we can exchange lessons and motivations!