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A book has a beginning, middle, and end. The Encyclopedia does not have these features. As instructors and students thrive on measured content, my editing in Wikibooks is an effort to form a sequential presentation of many articles in the Encyclopedia to enhance the accessibility of these topics.

My Encyclopedia entry is w: User:Rgdboer.

My wikibook Associative Composition Algebra is about the binarion and quaternion algebras. For example, the usual "complex numbers" C is the division-binarion algebra over R. Since it is a field there is a binarion algebra over C, here called bibinarions. A real subalgebra, split-binarions, provides a useful model of a spacetime plane. The quaternion algebra over C is the biquaternions, which has a real subspace used to represent Minkowski space. Transformation geometry is applied to these algebra to produce the symmetries of spacetime.

To provide access to fundamental topics in algebra, several chapters have been contributed to Abstract Algebra.

Chapters in other books[edit | edit source]

Some topics that have been approached: