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About Me[edit | edit source]

I'm an independent consultant, seminar developer and leader, and author who has been working in IT for 45 years. (Prior to that, I worked six years in chemistry.)

Although I have been a long-time and frequent user, and financial supporter, of Wikipedia, I have never contributed. However, I am now considering doing so.

During the past 40 years I've developed a lot of intellectual property (IP). For the IP that I cannot sell, I'm looking at potential places where I can make that available to the public, free of charge. Wikibooks and Wikiversity are candidates. So, rather than starting out gently by making some small edits to existing works, I'm looking to upload whole books and manuscripts.

The primary candidate to start with is my book, Portability and the C Language, which was published in 1988. I am in the process of completing a revision.

For information about my professional life, see my website whose domain name is RexJaeschke. For information about my other life, see the link at that site for my personal blog, where each month since December 2009, I've posted a 6-8-page essay.