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Useful Links[edit]

Wikimedia French translators

Web-based HTML to Wiki tool

Football on French Wikipedia


Example Data Table[edit]

French English French Phrases English Phrases Coding
l'afficharge (nm) display le panneau d'affichage, le tableau d'affichage the display panel, the display board SUBS
aire (nf) area l’aire de jeu the playing area SUBS

CSV format data for the table[edit]

The text below can be copied into a text file called "table.csv". You can then

To edit the table in Excel or another spreadsheet do the following:

  1. Copy the text below into a text file called "table.csv".
  2. Start the spreadsheet program and open the CSV file for easier editing.
  3. Save the work sheet in CSV format in "table.csv".
  4. Read "table.csv" into a basic text editor.
  5. Replace all the commas ',' with carriage return and bar (2 characters).
  6. Replace the " character with a space.
  7. Replace the string ' |-' by '|-'
  8. Replace ';' by ','.
  9. Save the file as "table.txt".
  10. Replace the table body on the Wikibooks page with the new text.
  11. Replace the '|-' strings in the first row by '!' to format the table headings.
  12. Check the top and bottom of the table have the correct '|-' and '|}' strings.
  13. Preview the page, adjust and save it.

"|-","French","English","French Phrases","English Phrases","Coding" "|-",,,,, "|-","l'afficharge (nm)","display","le panneau d'affichage; le tableau d'affichage","the display panel; the display board","SUBS" "|-","aire (nf)","area","l’aire de jeu","the playing area","SUBS"