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Buttons[edit | edit source]

Plain colour[edit | edit source]

Green Broken Green Red Red Blue Light blue Yellow Grey Start-Class

Ticks[edit | edit source]

Kept Confirmed Keep

Question / Exclamation marks[edit | edit source]

Question Comment Opinion Note Future

Version[edit | edit source]

Generic Specific Obsolete Newer Older

Move / Merge[edit | edit source]

Merge De-merge Merge on-hold Merge discussion Merge review Split De-split Split on-hold Split discussion Move Userfy Up Down Redirect Deferred Redirect Rename

ABC[edit | edit source]

A-Class Un-support A-Class B-Class B-Class BPlus-Class C-Class

Vote symbols[edit | edit source]

Support Support Good Article candidate Un-support Strong support Support Good Article candidate Un-Support Un-support Partial support Oppose Declined Oppose Bad Article candidate

Multiplication Divide Neutral Neutral Partially neutral No support Abstain Unlikely Possible Reply Reply Delete Unrelated Speedy delete

Time[edit | edit source]

Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait

Stars / Featured[edit | edit source]

Red star Un-support red star Grey star Un-support grey star Blue star Un-support blue star Featured Article Green star Un-support green star Featured Article/Good Article Gold star Featured Article candidate Featured Article Gold star Un-support gold star Orange star Start-Class

Review options[edit | edit source]

Generic symbols[edit | edit source]

List-Class Start-Class Stub Class Book-Class Book-Class Disambiguation-Class Template-Class Recycle Voting Good Article on-hold Good Article candidate neutral 0.7 Confused Pi Note Remind Suggestion WTF WTF Information Ellipsis Heart

Disclaimers / Notices[edit | edit source]

Hand stop[edit | edit source]

Crosses[edit | edit source]

Info buttons[edit | edit source]

Question marks[edit | edit source]

Attention / Exclamation marks[edit | edit source]

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

‎ ‎

Ticks / Crosses[edit | edit source]

Question / Exclamation marks[edit | edit source]

° ° ° ° * * ° ° ° ° ° * * * * * *