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Hi All,

My Name is Rajaa Krayem. I am an Electrical engineer graduated from California State University Long Beach in 1990. I turned to education on 1996 to help my beloved son with his learning difficulties. I am a devoted mother of three and a compassionate teacher who live to learn and to connect with challenged young minds. I am an advocate for love and knowledge. I love to make learning fun and accessible for every one. All can learn , but some need a different approach or a special attention to trigger the creative learning abilities that each of us have.. I enjoy teaching Math and Physics. I consider Mathematics as the Language of Science and I want to teach student how to apply it as an easy language. If teachers believe in their student abilities to learn this will lead students to believe in themselves and they will give the best out naturally and spontaneously. This can be achieved by constant motivations, assigning an inspiring and challenging tasks, and supporting an atmosphere of fun interactive classroom discussion with topic- relevant activities.

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