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useful school links[edit | edit source]

sun backing online text books new blender

intersting Tesco development wikibooks jimbo wales discussion

blahtex (planks constant - for blahtex representation) \underbrace{{6}\cdot{64}}_{\text{mantissa}} \times \underbrace{10^{-34}}_{\text{exponent}}

Examples and Exercises[edit | edit source]

  1. saving records
  2. split HEX
  3. side effects in global variables
  4. punch card picture
  5. sound - analogue versus digital
  6. add Jaron Lanier
  7. add conversion to and from date format
  8. fix:,_The_Stored_Program_Concept_and_the_Internet/Machine_Level_Architecture/Internal_and_external_hardware_components_of_a_computer
proc pass_the_parcel(parcel)
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cat: an animal with claws

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<p>hello how are you
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This screenshot includes three windows, and each one is displaying its header.

The header of a window is a row of menus, buttons, and text associated with it. (The word "header" is a bit misleading. Despite the name, a header needn't be at the upper edge of its window; in fact, two of the three windows are currently displaying their headers on bottom edges.)
3D Viewport
This large window is a 3D View window, used to view and manipulate 3D objects in your scene. Its header is on its bottom edge. (Look for the words "View Select Object....") Believe it or not, there's also a window just above the 3D View window, but it's so short that only its header is visible. (Look for the words "File Add Timeline....")
Buttons Window
The bottom quarter of the display is a Buttons window that is displaying five panels. Each panel is a sub-window filled with buttons, menus, and other controls. Blender has lots of control panels—so many that only a fraction of them can be visible at any given time. The Button Window's header is visible along its top edge. (Look for the word "Panels.")


You cannot maximize a User Preferences window. Update (version 2.57): Now you can!, but it does not seem too useful (yet), but anyways it rules down the previous exception, what is actually good

Punched cards in storage at a U.S. Federal records centre in 1959. All the data visible here could fit on a 4 GB flash drive

[1] <-- quiz extension

[2] <--discussion on the use of quizzes in wikibooks

[3] <-- data types

Applied ICT[edit | edit source]

videos on buffer overflow for cracking the PS3

c:\program files\android\android-sdk-windows!topic/computing-at-school/_RAHWIaE37A - turing machines
open source turing machine - - binary game computational thinking - COMP3 past papers - The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk lists AI as a threat 10 PRINT CHR$ (205.5 + RND (1)); : GOTO 10 - one line of code to make a maze

"Play up! Play up! And play the game!"

32767 + 1 = -32768

The accumulator is a temporary storage space for arithmetic operations. Without it, the result of every operation would have to be written to main memory, and then read back into the ALU, which is very slow. For example, to add up a list of numbers, they are loaded one by one from main memory and added into the accumulator. The final answer is then copied back to main memory.