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Hi! My name is Pavlin Panev, originally from Etropole, Bulgaria. I'm 21 years old, astrological sign Libra( on the 15-th October). I am undergraduate student studying Computer Systems and Technologies in The Technical University - Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm from group 64a in my 3-rd year, specialty Hardware Systems, and I took part in this project of our lecturer Kyril Mechkov in the discipline Specialized Computer Electronics. I think I learned a lot of new and relevant stuff and I will continue learning in this classes. For the first time in my studies in the university I understand the essence of the components of one circuit itself. Of course I have far more to learn, but I think this project will help other like me feel the circuit idea more closely to us as human beings.

Our 64a group.
During Lab 4 (I am on the right, together with Zdravko and Dimitrina).