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NO Rights[edit | edit source]

FAQ[edit | edit source]

What is it?[edit | edit source]

NO Rights was created by the need of yet another attempt to reach the final step on the P2P evolution, it's not meant to be a file-sharing application only. It will not only permit the sharing of files but any other content or resources across a distributed network with focus on being a platform for abstraction to any other open-system like NNTP (Newsgroups), IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Email etc...

Why am I having problems using this software ? (Windows XP only)[edit | edit source]

Since P2P (and P2P related technologies) started to pop up, security of the user OS started to be placed above the user freedoms, probably because most people are, (hum how can I state this...) technologically challenged, so other people are free to think for the masses in place of just try to push the information out. If you are one of those few that only now found about this, I'm sorry to be the one to open your eyes to a not so happy world, a funny thing seems that after this security enhancements are done they tend to be hidden so not to cause any brain damage or confusion to the users.

Well not all is lost, it seems that some people can't seem to be made to comply with this state of things and some information can be found and actions reversed.

TCPIP.SYS - [fix],[info]

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

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Tips Of The Day Proposals[edit | edit source]

(feel free to add tip of information you think are useful to this application or p2p users in general)

Other Stuff[edit | edit source]