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Abuse of GPL/Software License ?[edit | edit source]

by: NECTY - Networks and Security Systems

Largo da Lagoa, 7C

2795 116 Linda-a-Velha


Phone: +351 214 147 305

Fax: +351 211 454 205

E-mail: info [at] necty [dot] pt


Domingos Bruges Chief Technology Officer : está na equipa da Caixa Mágica desde o princípio, sendo estudante de Engenharia de Telecomunicações e Informática no ISCTE. Desenvolveu o sistema de arranque do instalador(X/consola), scripts para gerar a imagem de instalação e toda a configuração do LILO e SYSLINUX.

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Kiax: Kiax is a softphone (VoIP client program) with a simple and comfortable user interface for making VoIP calls to Asterisk PBX. It depends on the iaxclient library to use Asterisk's IAX2 protocol for easy and successful call configuration and audio suppor

  • Development Status: 4 - Beta
  • Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Programming Language: C, C++
  • Topic: Internet Phone
  • Translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Macedonian, Polish
  • User Interface: Qt

SW instalation requirement: Qt3.2 or greater iaxclient library

Creator: Emil Stolyanov

Project Admins: Emo emosto aka emosto [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net growchie aka velislav (.rpm, .deb etc) aka velislav [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net - Packager

other developers: Borislav Mitev aka bmitev [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net - Tester





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Qt Trolltech: Note that the Qt/Embedded Open Source Edition is not distributed under the QPL, but under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

For development non-free/proprietary software, the Qt Professional Edition is available. It has a normal commercial library license, with none of the special restrictions of the QPL or the GPL.

iaxclient library:

IAXClient is an Open Source library to implement the IAX protocol used by The Asterisk Software PBX

Although asterisk supports other IP protocols (including SIP, and with patches, H.323), IAX's simple, lightweight nature gives it several advantages, particularly in that it can operate easily through NAT and packet firewalls, and it is easily extensible and simple to understand.

iaxComm: license = GPL

More info: Other similar projects:


MagicJack was too commercial[edit | edit source]

MagicJack seems too mercantile and not of an instructional nature, I must check it back in a few months. --Panic (talk) 20:05, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

Issues seem to have been solved, the product is still a commercial venture but the project now has fixed the praises and criticism section.