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<font-size=16> Just to be redundant; I am a junior at Old Dominion University with hopes of one day graduating with my masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, and obtaining my licensure to teach K-6th grade. A degree in hand is not my ultimate goal, nor is teaching. I strive to help others in any way possible whether that is through teaching a child, or assisting an elderly neighbor. My life-long goal and struggle is to make my life not about myself but rather other people. Life is so much bigger than my puny frustrations and vain worries. I want my life to extend pass the number of years I breathed oxygen into my lungs, and continue on in another’s life. Teaching will just be a platform for me to make a difference in people’s lives, and that is my ultimate goal.

Natalie's Educational Philosophy

I am now beginning to recognize and articulate my educational philosophy. I feel passionately about empowering students through teaching lessons that go beyond the classroom. Children are up against tremendous pressure whether it is by their peers, parents, or themselves. It is crucial that children at a young age develop a strong foundation to better combat adversity in their pre-teen and teen years. As a teacher, I have the responsibility to help students discover their unique talents and skills that each student possesses and provide a creative outlet. Students enjoy school and academics more when they have confidence in their own abilities. Stimulating self-confidence in my students is a goal of mine. It is also important to stretch students and help them develop skills and reach academic and personal growth.

I believe School/Classes should not be confined to a strict traditional structure. Teaching should be an evolving profession that is constantly implementing new technology, and methods. As a teacher I must become flexible, and constantly searching for better ways to teach my students. I must be committed as a life-long learner. It is also important that I think out of the box, and create creative lesson plans that engage my students.

Who I Am

I’m 20 years old college student studying to teach kids, but in the meantime I work part-time as a server at an Italian restaurant called Bravos (check us out). I am very family orientated, and I have great friends but who doesn’t? I’m the biggest Jewel fan you will ever meet, and Britney Spears is my alter ego. I have been born and raised in Virginia, and I love it. The beach is my constant destination, and to get there I love to drive with the windows and sunroof down. I also love God with all my heart which further ignites my passion for people.