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Due to limitations of the Wiki, the name should be #1 Person

هذا المستخدم يمكنه المساهمة بمستوى لغة أم ب العربية.
en-N This user can read and write at a native level in English.

Backround[edit | edit source]

Although #1 Person is a pretty smart person, he should not be considered an expert in most topics, and anyone with formal education most likely is correct.

However #1 Person has studied Biotechology at Roger Williams University.

Also #1 Person has a backround in advanced geographical studies, engineering and Arabic/Islamic history.

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

N1 person has a advanced understanding of the English language, as well as a working understanding of Latin and Arabic. However he should not be considered an expert (as in don't always accept him in grammar and the like) in the latter two.

Projects[edit | edit source]


N1 person is an active author in Wikijunior Project.

He is currently working on his own projects at random times.

Non-official Wikijunior on Particle Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Other[edit | edit source]

When forgetting to sign in he uses the IP