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My name is Jorge Lainez. I am generally interested in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, and Science. However, I also have interests in music and composition. I run a YouTube channel named Musical Inquisitor (in which I post my musical compositions for the public to see). I also create simple math diagrams for other Wikibooks to use (although I will not take commissions since I am not that good enough for that).

Current Large Contributions on Wikibooks

  • CLEP College Algebra: If you know a lot about College Algebra, and know how to prove the algorithms used therein, please feel free to contribute towards this book. Also, some more example problems and exercises would be greatly appreciated.
  • Calculus: If you can contribute some example problems and better explanations than what is offered currently, please do so.
  • Principle of Economics: Anyone who can give a more comprehensive explanations of the chapters provided herein, please feel free to do so.

Weird Hobbies

  • Likes to take tests (whether standardized, multiple choice, essays, IQ tests, you name it).
  • Likes to create difficult exams (I want to be able to develop a student into a better person in that subject. A hard yet fair exam makes me better accomplish that goal. However, I also like to see how people react to them when they genuinely don't know what to do).