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I'm a Pennsylvanian transplant due to my husband's job in the US Navy. I transferred to ODU from Carlow University in Pittsburgh where I was studying Art Education. I've expanded my education to include a minor in Art History. I'm kind of stuck in the middle between sophomore and junior year status - a Sophunior. I currently work at Strelitz Early Childhood Education Center (in conjugation with Hebrew Academy of Tidewater) in their After Care/Full Care Program. I hope to one day teach art in an elementary school.


Being an Art Education major I feel strongly that learning should be hands-on with a variety of different ways to teach a lesson. Children are not only sponges but are intellectually and developmentally different and thus learn differently than others around them. Opening their minds to different solutions to the same problem and introducing different medias to accomplish their ideas are things I strive for while teaching. A well rounded art curriculum is full of art history, practice and discussion as well as including (whenever possible) what they are learning in their general (or special education) classrooms. I don't believe that the finished piece of art has to look worthy of museum showcases but rather I focus on the journey - how did they work around problems? What was their original plan and how far did they go? Where are they in their art developmental stage in comparison to their peers? A teacher should never simply teach but learn as they teach to make their children appreciate the full impact of whatever subject matter they are instructing.


Graduate college. Get accepted into the Art Education Summer Internship at the Chrysler Museum. Travel abroad. Have children. Expand my wardrobe. Buy a second reliable car. Purchase a home. Plant a successful garden. Continue to avoid myspace.


No Child Left Behind: Cure or Curse?

How to Use Assessments and Rubrics in Art Education in Elementary School


• I'll be married for three years in June '09.

• We have four pets: a cat (Luna), a dog (Raven), a guinea pig (Peaches) and a toad (Toad).

• Luna is a boy.

• My birthday is April 16th.

• My favorite season is spring.

• I love the color pink but have no clothing items in that color.

• I'm an HGTV addict.

• I don't think white diamonds (and pretty much diamonds in general) are pretty.

• I love doing laundry (just not the folding) and hate doing dishes.

• I play a wide variety of computer games such as Nancy Drew, Zoo Tycoon and the Sims 2.