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My name is Mary Lauren. I am 20 years old and an only child. I have lived in Virginia for all of my life....I enjoy singing and playing my violin at my church, hanging out with lots of friends, and coaching softball with my alma mater middle school and high school. When I have some extra time, I like to go shooting, to the movies, playing with my baby cousin, Haley, and do what every girl loves, go shopping. I have a part-time job in Suffolk, Virginia at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I have been there for 2 years.

School Experience

Western Branch High School (Chesapeake, VA) 2003-2007

Old Dominion University 2007-present

This past summer, I had a wonderful experience and visited New Orleans, Louisiana with my boyfriend,Chad, of almost 2 years We had a blast! We saw many exciting places and historical monuments. Here's a couple pictures:

Gno bridge.JPG

My Education Philosophy

I want to be a middle school math teacher because I feel like I can make a difference in someone's life. I want students to remember me as a helpful and giving person as well as to have learned the most important values of life. My role model of teaching is Mrs. Karen Warren. She was my algebra 1 teacher in middle school and taught me so much more than mathematics skills. She has inspired me to help others and teach :) I do plan on teaching either in the area or not far from. It entirely depends on where life takes me from day to day. Although my mother is a preschool teacher, I feel that at any age at any stage in life that a child or teenager can learn many lessons on life.