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About Me:

My name is Melissa Pilley. I was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia on January 30, 1986. I have three older brothers, I'm the baby in my family and the only girl. I love to sing and have been a singer since elementary school. I would love to travel to Ireland and Australia, someday. I am fascinated with both of their cultures, the architecture, and overall layout of the countries. I love tigers overall; however, I absolutely love white tigers. I am a fan of Starbucks coffee!!! I Love my coffee don't know what I would do without that coffee!!! I love to work around kids and I enjoyed my time when I was the Pre-K 3 teacher assistant(T.A.) for the 2007-2008 school year and half of the 2008-2009 school year at Trinity Lutheran School in Norfolk, VA.

My Education:

I decided to pursue education as my major on my first day at working at Trinity Lutheran School February 2006. It was all because of one girl who had a desire to learn by completing her homework while everyone else was playing in the extended care program, she was deep in thought. When I saw that girl so focused on learning the material she was taught made me want to become a teacher. It wasn't until I began to work in the Pre-K 3 classroom as the T.A., I decided I wanted to teach that age. I have graduated with my Associates of Science Degree in General Studies from Tidewater Community College, Chesapeake, VA; Summer 2008. I am currently an undergraduate for my Bachelors and Masters of Science Degree in Elementary Education Pk-6 at Old Dominion University.

My Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that teachers are to explain in deep detail about the curriculum being taught. I also believe that music, games, and hands on activities are an excellent way to learn the material taught during the class time. This keeps the students attention longer and the ability to apply the knowledge that's gained while using music, games and hands on activities; instead of hearing a teacher talk about the material and doing the class work. This will also make the children feel more part of the class and build that love for learning. The children will also realize that learning can be fun and exciting. If a child or more children are struggling in a specific area, the teacher should be available after class if one needs help understanding the material. In addition, the teacher should review the material and remind the children to not be afraid to ask questions. I believe the classroom should be warm and inviting; make the children feel comfortable, as if they were in a home environment. Have the class materials the children use at their level. Have classroom helpers such as: Clean up monitor if there's a play area, line leader, door holder, floor sweeper(for after snack time), Circle time helper, etc. In addition, while teaching, I think it's good to reinforce good manners, respect for others feelings and their belongings, taking care of the classroom environment, etc.