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My name is Marybeth Miller. I was born in a very small town in Pennsylvania but have lived in Virginia Beach pretty much since then. I plan on leaving the area when I graduate, whether that actually happens or not is up in the air. I like living here but i like change and I'm ready for it. I have a big family, an older brother, a twin sister, and a younger sister, and then there's the dog too, Gypsy.


I graduated from Ocean Lakes High School in 2003. I attended Tidewater Community College until I could decide what I wanted to major in and transferred to Old Dominion Fall of 2006 but ended up going back to TCC the next semester. I have finally transferred back to ODU for good in Fall 2008. I am a history major and plan on teaching high school.


My teaching philosophy is all about having a good relationship with the students. Establishing a good rapport is important as it will help the students feel more comfortable participating in class or asking for help if they need it.


I absolutely love football, my favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles. During the winter I go snowboarding as much as possible and during the summer I play frisbee golf a lot.