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Hello, and welcome to my introduction of Mellody,to you. I am a non-traditional student here at ODU (I might graduate before I turn fifty) working towards a bachelors degree in biology with emphasis in marine biology and ecology.I graduated from TCC in 2008, and just finished my first year here at ODU.I have recently decided to add teacher licensure to my degree instead of a minor in some odd thing. I just recently received the privilege of being named Vice President for Delta Sigma Lambda the sorority for returning women here at ODU. I am the proud mother of three girls; currently 27, 25(Cal State East Bay 2007), 21, and two grandkids, the only children I have living with me now are Astro (golden retriever) and Diamond (mixed breed)our SPCA dog. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, have lived in Phoenix AZ, Corpus Christi TX, and I now call Virginia Beach home. My husband was transferred to Virginia from Texas, where I worked at an oil refinery. Since there was no place for me to transfer to here in Virginia I decided to go to school. I am also a VoiCeS volunteer for The Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

My educational philosophy? WOW that is a big idea, LIFE is an education, I truly believe you are never too old to learn. That being said I do believe that a classroom environment is an excellent place for children to learn. As a future biology teacher I wish to share my enthusiasm on the beauty of life around us, and the important role humans have as caretakers, on this third planet from the sun that we call Earth.

As a future secondary level teacher I hope to emphasize college prep for those who are capable. For those who cannot attend college for whatever reason a vocational program would be encouraged. I believe that everyone should contribute to his/her community. Therefore I hope to have my students work together in groups learning and teaching each other.