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Meagan Keith[edit]


Random Facts About Me:

I was born in Ft. Benning, GA

I am an Army Brat =)

I love to dance (tap, ballet, jazz, etc.)

I have two dogs (Bam and Bella) and a cat (Tucker)

I am a waitress/expo at a Ruby Tuesday in Virginia Beach

I plan on teaching grades 4-6


High School Diploma
from Ocean Lakes High School (2006)

Associates Degree in Social Sciences
from Tidewater Community College (2008)

Bachelors Degree in IDS:Teacher Prep PK-6
from Old Dominion University (in the process)

My Educational Philosophy:

I don't want to be one of those teachers who just teach the test. I want learning to be fun for my students and be something to look forward too. I am one of those people who have high test anxiety and get really nervous and feel sick just before a test. I would try my best as a teacher to take away the stress and anxiety of test-taking for my students. The point of attending school has always been to learn and learn as much as you possibly can, not to stress your students out.

Classroom Environment
I'd like my classroom to be fun and full of energy. I don't want to keep my students glued to their desks all day. I'd like to do a lot of group activities and hands-on activities to promote interaction in the classroom.

Technology/Instructional Technologies
Technology would be something I would definitely use in the classroom. The days of writing on a chalk board are over. Children don't want to sit in a classroom all day staring at the board; they want to play video games and watch TV. And in the future, that could be totally possible. I would definitely like to take advantage of all the great instructional and learning technology out there. Because, looking back at my Elementary school days, the days that we got to watch a nature movie or Bill Nye the Science Guy were the BEST!